NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Two Venezuelan nationals are facing federal charges. They are accused of driving immigrants to a stash house in the South Valley.

Bernalillo County deputies and Homeland Security investigators received reports of a large, white transport truck unloading people on Maplewood Court Tuesday.

At that location, they claimed they found around 50 foreign nationals, including Joel Belandra-Ronqel and Yoffre Torres-Avendano, at the home of Sandra Gaspar.

The two men reportedly told investigators they were asked to drive the truck from El Paso, not knowing what was inside until they arrived and saw people getting out of the back. However, the men allegedly admitted to carrying guns while they ushered people inside.

Both are charged with transporting illegal aliens, aiding and abetting, and alien in possession of a gun.

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It’s not yet known if Gaspar will be charged in the federal case, but she was arrested on an outstanding state warrant for receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle.