SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – The cold temperatures contributed to some scary moments in Santa Fe. A person had to be rescued from a trail.

The fire department posted pictures of a trail rescue in freezing conditions on their Facebook page.

The post said they rescued one person from the top of Deception Peak with the help of Ski Patrol and other departments. The department also touched on the difficulty of performing rescues.

An additional challenge that often doesn’t get considered is that these rescues are performed with no notice. The emergency call comes out and the crews hustle to the truck. The response is immediate. There are no bathroom breaks. No guarantees that they’ve eaten or hydrated recently.

Santa Fe Fire Department

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They explained the rescue mission took six hours, and that the victim could have froze to death without their assistance. KRQE reached out for more information but hasn’t heard back.