ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The New Mexico Rail Runner recently launched its bi-annual survey, asking both regular riders and non-riders about the service. After a month of collecting data, the results are in.

“We really do try and take this information and listen to what our respondents say,” said Rail Runner Communications Manager, Augusta Meyers.

With the survey wrapped up, it shows consistent riders are overall pleased.

“As far as the regular riders in general, more than 86 percent rate the service very high,” said Meyers.

Meyers said passengers ranked customer service, staff courtesy, and safety on the train and at stations high.

The survey also said 77 percent of the passengers believe price structure is good or excellent.

“I like the Rail Runner, said Passenger Eric Keahey. “It’s affordable.”

Another rider, Richard Cosentino said, “It’s cheap.”

As for the people not hooping on the platform, Meyers said they would like to see more service in general.

“Whether it’s late night or weekend, or more mid-day service that might get them on the train a little bit more,” said Meyers.

“I think it could probably go later in the evening,” said Cosentino.

Meyers said they’re always working on making the train more convenient.

“You’re constantly trying to find the best schedules and the most convenient ways to really meet the masses,” said Meyers.

She said they’re already looking at ways to make the train faster.

“We are exploring possible more funding to get the track double tracked or the sidings longer so people don’t have to wait so much when a train pulls over to let another one by,” said Meyers.

Many people who don’t ride the train also asked for rides on the house.

“When we asked the non-riders what would get them on the train, most of them that responded said if they had a free pass for one day they would get on the train,” said Meyers.

Some passengers also asked for a mobile app and more amenities on the train.

“People on the rail runner, many would like to see a beverage car, a food and beverage car, so they can get a cup of coffee,” said Meyers. “A few of them would probably like to have a margarita cart, but you know we’re not there yet.”

Rail Runner organizers said while they’re working on some of the suggestions, they hope this survey will get new people to give the train a try.

“If we can just get people to try the train, then they find that it actually works in their schedule and they might stay riding it,” said Meyers.

The last survey released, officials said many passengers asked for a quiet train and they now offer that.

For this latest survey, Meyers said they’re already working on the mobile app passengers are requesting, where riders can look at schedules and buy tickets quickly. She said the plan is for it to come out in the fall.