In the never-ending chile battle between New Mexico and Colorado, it seems like the 505 just one-upped our neighbors to the north, on their own turf.

505 Southwestern is now the official green chile, salsa, queso and chip of the Denver Broncos.

The food manufacturer is located in Albuquerque. It carries a line of roasted green chile, that for years has been its star product. 

The Denver-based company, Flagship Food Group, owns 505 Southwestern and all of its products are made here in Albuquerque.

“All of our green chile is from the Hatch Valley.” Kim Conaty said. “We make everything in Albuquerque.”

Conaty is the Corporate Manager for Flagship. She said the Broncos pursued the partnership and the two found a way to make it work for the upcoming season. 

For New Mexicans, this is a big win. A few years back, New Mexicans were quick to defend our green chile when a Denver newspaper published a story ranking where to find the best green chile in the city. Since then, the two states have been at war. 

While Conaty says they choose to stay out of the friendly competition, she said this will be a great opportunity to show off what New Mexicans value so dearly.

“Our goal is to be that authentic New Mexico cuisine,” she said. “Bring that message to the rest of the country that just doesn’t know green chile and who just doesn’t know what they’re missing.”

This season, concession stands at Sports Authority Field at Mile High will be decked-out in 505 Southwestern gear. Everything from select chips, green chile and queso will be sold at the stadium.

Chile eaters said if Denver Broncos fans didn’t know who has the best green chile before, now they will.