NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The state of New Mexico is trying to help communities become more eco-friendly. In order to do that the Department of Transportation is introducing a new grant for electric vehicle charging stations.

The DC Fast EV charging program is a reimbursement program. Grant applicants must demonstrate they’ll be able to cover the full cost of the project prior to being approved for the grant. The new grant will allow rural areas and low to moderate-income areas to have fast-speed charging stations.

“This program is targeting our level three our DC fast charging system and so with the fast-charging system, what that does it allows people to charge their vehicles within 30 minutes to 45 minutes,” said Jerry Valdez, Executive Director New Mexico Department of Transportation. “So with the DC fast chargers, you can get approximately anywhere 100 to 150 miles per half hour of charge.”

The state already has level one and level two charging stations with 175 electric vehicle charging stations statewide. Level one gives about 4 miles of driving range per hour of charge and level two gives an average of 32 miles per hour of charge.

This grant will open the door to more level three charging areas, giving drivers a sense of confidence while driving throughout the state.

The deadline to submit proposals for the grants is August 30. They’ll announce the winner of the grant by September 6. According to the Tax and Revenue Department, as of April, there were 4,235 new registered electric vehicles in the state of New Mexico.