HAGERMAN N.M. (KRQE) – Everyone has their favorite NFL team, but one family in eastern New Mexico says they are the biggest Cowboys fans in the state — maybe even the world.

Another big win against the Redskins Thursday for the Dallas Cowboys to up their record to 10-1, and no one may have been more excited about it than the Olivas family in Hagerman.

“The only place that’s better than the stadium is our house,” said Danielle Olivas.

Their silver and blue home used to be green.

With a rock hand painted for almost every Cowboys player and a Cowboys’ wishing well, this house is hard to miss.

That’s just the outside — take a step into their home and you’ll get lost in a sea of blue.

They’ve been decking out their home for five years, but their love for the Cowboys started way before that.

“When I was young I just didn’t have much to do, so I would sit in front of the black-and-white TV  and watch college football, and I fell in love with Tony Dorset and when the Cowboys picked him up I became a Cowboys fan,” said Francisca Olivas, who owns the home.

Catch them on game day and you’ll see that the Olivas family has some unbreakable traditions. No one can even get into the house on game day without wearing a Dallas Cowboys’ jersey.

“After every touchdown, we blow her horn and we just celebrate,” said Danielle.

With the Cowboys doing so well so far this season, they say this is their year.

“I definitely do, I definitely do. I’m praying big time that the Cowboys win this year,” said Francisca.

The family also has a rule that if you come into their house on game day and root against the Cowboys, you have to sit outside on the porch.