New Mexico Attorney General’s Office raids UNM Lobo Club


KRQE News 13 has obtained a copy of the search warrant filed by the Attorney General’s office as they investigate money mismanagement within UNM Athletics. 

It focuses on the collection of money for the luxury suites at the PIT and money the Lobo Club fronted for a lavish golf trip . 

The whole investigation was sparked by several Larry Barker investigations. The search warrant makes it clear investigators are focusing in on former Athletic Director Paul Krebs. 

“I saw this as an appropriate use of university money to generate support for athletics,” Krebs said back in 2017. 

Paul Krebs’ statement came after a Larry Barker investigation revealed the university used public money to pay for Krebs, former Basketball Coach Craig Neal, and a group of private citizens to go on the high-priced golf trip to Scotland at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. 

The UNM Athletics department was unable to fill all twenty-four (24) packages, and was responsible for: (1) refunding the Lobo Club $13,625.00, (2) paying Paul Krebs roundtrip airfare of $1,190.00, (3) as well as paying for the remaining six (6) packages at $8,189 each (two UNM employees, one UNM Foundation employee, and 3 donors), for a total cost of $63,949.00. 

The Lobo Club told state investigators it had nothing to do with the golf trip other than paying for the deposit.

No one interviewed could explain why the Lobo Club would pay that since it’s not part of their purpose. They only said that Paul Krebs is the one who requested the money and there were problems getting the money back. 

The search warrant also reveals the problem the Lobo Club had collecting money owed for the PIT’s luxury suites. 

Witnesses say when the Club tried to collect debts they were told by Krebs to wait. 

The search warrant states there was a list of donors that were “Paul Krebs only,” meaning they were only to be contacted by Krebs. 

Those interviewed also revealed that Krebs would still give those delinquent on their accounts tickets with the expectation that the owners would not withhold larger donations to other areas of the UNM Athletics Department. 

The AG’s office says that could be a violation of the New Mexico Government Conduct Act, requiring public officials to conduct themselves in an ethical manner. They also say it could violate the New Mexico money laundering statute. 

The search warrant also collected financial documents from the Lobo Club, including all emails, use of Lobo courtesy cars and recorded committee meetings. 

As for the infamous golf trip, the search warrant states that Paul Krebs didn’t even have the authority to sign a contract with the travel agency for the trip. 

As Vice-President of Athletics, Paul Krebs was only authorized to sign game contracts and contracts for rental of athletic facilities for the University; however, on October 29, 2014, a contract between Anthony Travel and The University of New Mexico was signed by Paul Krebs, acting as a representative of UNM.

The following day, on October 30, 2014, Paul Krebs informs Anthony travel that the trip is “good to go” and that a signed contract as well as a check from the UNM “Lobo Club” totaling $49,500, twenty-five percent (25%) of the estimated total cost, would be sent to Anthony Travel to pay the deposit of the trip.

So far, no charges have been filed in this case, but the investigation is far from over. 

There’s also been another shakeup in the UNM Athletics Department. Assistant Athletic Director Brad Hutchins is no longer there, and UNM’s Athletic Director Eddie Nunez is not saying why. 

However, Hutchins posted on Twitter he wished the department much success, and he looked forward to the next opportunity. He also thanked the Athletics Department and university staff for the past 14 years. 

To read Hutchins full statement on Twitter, click here

UNM Athletic Director Eddie Nunez also issued the following statement Wednesday night: 

โ€œWhen I came to UNM a year ago, I knew we had some challenges ahead. I knew we had to evaluate the way we had conducted business in the past, and that we would need to establish a model for competing in the future. 

“In this first year the only real constant has been change. We’ve had to change the way we budget. We’ve had to change the way we establish priorities. We’ve had to change the way we approach college athletics in a 21st Century that is demanding more cultural and economic accountability. 

“Changes will be continuing for UNM as we approach the end of this year. We have a mutual payout agreement of $175,000. Brad will soon be leaving the Lobos family and we wish him nothing but the best in the future. I want to thank him for his service.

“In coming days and weeks I will be announcing other changes at UNM. We will be replacing Brad, and we will be discussing additional guidelines and policies consistent with building the kind of athletic department we believe is expected.

“I am excited about the future of Lobos sports. What will never change at UNM is our commitment to winning and to making the college experience for every student athlete as rewarding as possible competitively, academically, and culturally.”

Items to be Searched for and Seized:

Executing Officers/Detectives and all successor investigation Officers/Detectives are authorized to seize, search, and analyze:

All records associated with U.N.M Lobo Club, for the date range of January I, 2010 to June 30, 2017, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any and all bank statements for the U.N.M Lobo Club for the date range specified, including but not limited to indexes 625374, 925011, sport enhancement funds, and athletics administration transactions;
  2. All Databases and spreadsheets that store records of donors identified as “do not call” or “Paul Krebs only”, but not limited to “Titan” database;
  3. Copies of all offset items and supporting documents;
  4. Copies of all drafts and checks, to include the front and back of checks, drafts, cashier’s checks, money orders, drawn on above mentioned accounts;
  5. Copies of all documents regarding check # 195275 issued by U.N.M Lobo Club to Anthony Travel, Inc.;
  6. Copies of all reimbursements issued to include receipts showing items reimbursed;
  7. All correspondence and documents including but not exclusive to orders, memorandums, notes, facsimiles, and electronic mail in regards to any and all donations, gifts, Pit Suites, lobo club, lobo athletics, regarding the date range specified above;
  8. Copies of board minutes, agendas, actions, resolutions and other motions for the date range above, to include agendas, transcripts, attendee lists and video or audio recordings of board minutes;
  9. Copies of finance committee board minutes, agendas, actions, resolutions and other motions for the date range above, to include agendas, transcripts, attendee lists and video or audio recordings of board minutes;
  10. All onsite storage including buildings, sheds, storage facilities, off site storage facilities utilized for electronic storage, and online or cloud electronic storage;
  11. All documentation, (whether on paper or stored magnetic, digital, or optical media, email) describing discussion by individuals within the property with any individual or entity concerning the following:
    • Scotland Golf Tour
    • Lobo Athletics
    • Pit Suites
    • Paul Krebs
    • Chaouki Abdallah
    • Kole Mckamey
    • Craig Neal
    • Anthony Travel
  12. Computer related items sought to be searched include any and all computer hardware, software, documentation, passwords and data security, as described below;
    • Hardware:
      Computer hardware consists of any and all computer equipment capable of being linked together in a local area network (LAN) to include any equipment which has remote access capabilities) including all equipment which can collect, analyze, create, display, convert, store, conceal, or transmit electronic, magnetic, optical, or similar computer impulses or data. Hardware includes (but not limited to) any data-processing devices (such as central processing units, and self-contained “laptop” or “notebook” computers); tablets (such as an “iPad internal and peripheral storage devices (such as fixed disks, external hard disks, floppy disk drives and diskettes, tape drives and tapes, optical storage devices, and other memory storage devices (such as modems, cables and connections); as well as any devices, mechanisms, or part that can be used to restrict access to computer hardware (such as physical keys and locks), cell phones and PDAs capable of sending and receiving digital cameras, CD’s DVD’s, memory cards, Micro SD Cards, iPods, Xbox, PSP players, floppy disks or other media capable of storing data.
    • Software:
      Digital information which can be interpreted by computer and any of their related components to direct the way they work. Software, which is stored electronically, magnetically, optically, or digitally, commonly includes programs to run operating systems, applications, utilities, compilers, interpreters, and communication programs.
    • Documentation:
      Computer-related documentation consisting of written, recorded, printed or electronically stored material, which explains or illustrates how to configure or use computer hardware, software, or other related items;
    • Password and Data Security:
      Computer passwords and data security devices designated to restrict access or hide computer software, documentation, or data. Data security devices may consist of hardware, software, or other programming codes. A password usually operates as a sort of digital key to unlock particular data security devices. Data security hardware may include encryption devices, chips, and circuit boards. Data security software or digital code may include programming codes that create “test” or “hot keys”, which perform preยญ set security functions when touched. Data security software codes may also encrypt, compress, and hide or “booby trap” protected data to make it inaccessible or unusable, as well as, reverse the process to restore it.
    • Electronically Stored Data:
      Any and all such data including information stored on backup tapes, on computer hard drives, online or cloud storage and/or in any other form or manner to include, but not limited to, electronic correspondences, i.e. email, instant messages etc. Electronic data processing and storage devices, computers and computer systems including central processing units; internal and peripheral storage devices such as fixed external hard disks, floppy disk drives and diskettes, tape drives and tapes, optical storage devices or other memory storage devices; peripheral input/output devices such as keyboards, printers, video display monitors, optical readers, and related communications devices such as modems; together with system documentation, operating logs and documentation, software and instruction manuals, associated with counterfeiting.

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