ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A couple of abandoned boarded-up fraternity houses on UNM’s campus may finally be coming down with the plans potentially giving the school a different look. UNM students say the abandoned fraternity house at 1801 Mesa Vista is a bit of an eyesore with some describing it as a magnet for trouble and an overall bad look for the school.

“It’s definitely old and a little bit outdated, especially upon this row or this street it brings opportunity for invaders to come,” said Ellie Nevitt, UNM student. “We do have a lot of homeless people who like to just kind of camp out and it attracts some odd people.” “I agree because we always bring everybody who is interested in Greek life to our house so that’s definitely one thing they see before they come in,” said Michah Bernard, UNM student.

Hoping to fix that problem and give the area a new look, a developer has plans to take it over and tear it down; saying the new three-story building will feature 35 units for students, electric vehicle charging stations, a yoga deck and outdoor grilling. While some like the idea others are open-minded to other opportunities. “I hope that we are able to bring another greek organization to campus and just keep filling up greek row. I think it would be a really good opportunity to have a clinic like a stop by clinic on this side just because UNM hospital is a little bit further away and that is more for the open public rather than for students.”

Next door, another fraternity house at 1705 Mesa Vista NE has also sat abandoned for at least four years. In June the house caught fire, with authorities saying it appears to have been caused by a homeless person living there. A UNM spokesperson says that the building is scheduled for demolition the first week of October. They say the university would like to see another fraternity go in its place. As for the developer for the old frat house, they hope to start demolition and construction next year with the apartments ready to go in 2024.