It was a startling wake-up call for an Albuquerque couple. A suspected drunk driver lost control of his car and crashed right into their front yard. Then, he tried to take off.

Police say the suspected drunk driver first rammed a car a few blocks away, then turned the corner and landed in the yard. When he tried to take off, neighbors tackled him.

“It sounded like an explosion. It sounded like a car crashed into our driveway and hit our cars,” Sierra said.

It was all caught on their home surveillance cameras. Sierra and her boyfriend woke up to chaos unfolding in their front yard Monday night near the intersection of Gibson and Broadway. 

“We freaked out and we ran outside,” she said. “My boyfriend came out first. He saw a truck, ramped over this curb over here and he was in the fence.”

Police say Oscar Quezada was behind the wheel. Sierra says when Quezada saw neighbors running to help, he tried to make a run for it.

“He was revving, he was trying to reverse and escape but he couldn’t,” she said. “My neighbor said half his foot is in the truck and the other half was outside, hitting the gas and trying to leave.”

Neighbors weren’t going to let him get away. They took his keys and held him down until officers could arrive. According to police, the 31-year-old told them he had a couple of beers and hard liquor prior to the crash.

Officers say they found two empty pint-sized vodka bottles scattered in the pickup.

“My boyfriend said that right when he opened the truck door [Quezada] reeked,” she said.

Down the road sat a bumper of a car Quezada allegedly crashed into. Sierra says she’s glad that her fence stopped him as he was just feet away from turning onto the main road.

“Broadway is right down there and if he would’ve gone onto the street he could’ve killed somebody,” she said.

Police say Quezada blew a .16 on the breathalyzer and repeatedly admitted to officers that he messed up. According to online records, Quezada was charged with one prior DWI in 2008 but it was later dropped.