STANLEY, N.M. (KRQE) – The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has located two bodies in southern Santa Fe County.

The deaths are described as “suspicious,” but the sheriff’s office has not yet released any more specifics about the investigation.

Sources directed KRQE News 13 to Montoya Road in Stanley, New Mexico, where neighbors say they’re shaken by the discovery of the bodies.

Stanley is a town with a population of fewer than 100 people, who are mostly ranchers and farmers. Fidel Montoya, a rancher, found the first body midday Monday.

Montoya says for about a week, he and other neighbors on Montoya Road off of Highway 41 noticed a rolling trash bin that was abandoned along the side of the dirt drive.

Montoya described the can as new-looking, with a ratchet strap keeping the lid shut.

Montoya says he decided to finally take a closer look at it, and immediately noticed it was heavy. He says he opened the can to find a black garbage bag inside, surrounded by weeds, wet white paint, rags and a rug.

Inside of the bag was the body of what he thinks was a young woman.

“I figured it had to be either rocks or a dog… maybe an animal. I had no idea in my mind that it would’ve been a person until I kneeled down and I felt her toes and I felt her fingers,” he said.

Instantly stunned, Montoya says he didn’t look at the person’s face and instead ran to his neighbor’s house to phone 911.

“You would never expect it. And it’s pretty weird, this close to home,” he said.

Montoya was shocked and says he can’t get the image out of his head. He says the body appeared naked from what he briefly saw, and that he didn’t notice any blood.

“Usually, it’s really a good neighborhood. I’ve never had any trouble out here. And I don’t think my neighbors have either,” another neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said.

After pressing the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, investigators finally confirmed to KRQE News 13 that a second body was later discovered nearby, but wouldn’t give any more information.

Sources and neighbors say that second body, of a man, was found dumped in a similar manner on B Anaya Road about five miles to the north of where the first body was discovered.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office is being tight-lipped about the investigation, and would only say that the bodies have been taken to OMI.

Deputies say there are no missing persons cases out of Santa Fe County that match the description of these deaths.

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