ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – On a sunny afternoon, the neighborhood pool at Montecito Estates is packed. However, neighbors said recently that’s not always the case.

“We wanted to go a few days ago but sadly we could not go, because we had a vandal problem apparently,” said Madison Hogans.

The neighborhood is a newer development located near Unser and Rainbow Blvd. Still, the community said vandals continue to hit the pool.

“It just kind of sucks that people can ruin it for you,” said Jasmine Flores.

Neighbors said recently vandals put bubbles in the water, causing it to overflow. They also said they’ve seen kids trying to jump over the pool fence.

“Bubbles in the pool, and just being that it’s closed, but people are still jumping over the fence so I think they had to close it again because of that,” said Debbie Monceballez.

For Monceballez, she said the pool has been closed both times she’s tried to go since living in the neighborhood.

“This is going to be our first time, but we just came and made sure it was open before we went and put a bathing suit on,” said Monceballez.

The Home Owners Association said they believe kids either in the neighborhood or kids coming from the outside are causing problems.

“We were kind of excited to start coming to the pool and then it was kind of disappointing to see that happening,” said Monceballez.

Neighbors are now asking the vandals to stop.

“It’s Summer time, relax,” said Hogan. “Don’t ruin things, it’s not cool!”

Overall, HOA said they don’t have too many problems with this pool. They said it has also been closed for a few days due to repairs.