Neighbors fed up with drag racing on Bobby Foster Road


The Mesa del Sol neighborhood nestled between Albuquerque Studios and wide open space, is generally a quiet place. That is until dusk settles in. 

“They come in usually about sundown, and they’ll be there sometimes till 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. in the morning,” said Don Aldridge.  

Aldridge, a Mesa del Sol resident, says Bobby Foster Road, which butts up to the neighborhood, becomes a drag strip at night. 

“They’ll be 30 or 40 cars, sometimes more than that,” said Aldridge.  

He said it’s been going on for years. 

“They actually have flaggers and the cones set up and everything so it’s very organized…the racing is,” he said.

Other residents have counted as many as 85 cars on the stretch of road racing.

“They come and they just race back and forth, back and forth and revving up their engines,” said another neighbor.   

That neighbor that asked to remain anonymous has even recorded the sea of lights from the cars drag racing.

“It’s very disturbing, it wakes you up, you’re concerned, you don’t know what’s going on over the hill,” he said. 

Another fed up neighbor created a petition asking for speed bumps on Bobby Foster. It’s gotten more than 100 signatures. 

“I had two cars pass me probably doing 90… It’s a three-lane road, one coming in and two going out so it gets very dangerous,” said Aldridge.  

City Councilor Pat Davis said it’s a struggle because the road is on both city and county land. He says this summer, Albuquerque Police set up its camera trailer, and a new developer in the area hired officers on overtime, and Davis says it helped.

Still, residents would like a more permanent fix. 

“It’s not just a noise hazard…people don’t get any sleep at night, but somebody’s gonna get hurt sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time,” said Aldridge. 

As for getting speed bumps, the city’s Municipal Development Department said the road does not qualify for speed bumps because it serves as a traffic artery.

They say working with the city councilor is the best option, to hopefully increase patrols in the area. 

Councilor Davis said he will revisit the tact plan they had this summer with police and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office because it was helping.

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