People living near a busy Albuquerque intersection say it’s dangerous.

Two young lives have already been taken in a deadly car crash there, and they fear it won’t be long before someone else gets hurt.     

Police reports show too many drivers are speeding and turning into traffic causing a lot of crashes.

Two crosses near the intersection of Universe and Irving on Albuquerque’s westside, serve as a roadside memorial for cousins Jakob and Kayden Montoya. 

The 19 and 23-year-olds were killed the day before Thanksgiving. 

“That was a very horrendous night and sad night, and it’s still heavy in our hearts,” says Sandra Plourde. 

A driver going at least 25 miles over the speed limit t-boned the cousins while turning onto Universe from Irving. Both cars had a green light. 

“There is no green arrow, there’s no extra safety measure for anybody making a left turn in either direction,” says Athena Lopez. 

People who live near the intersection say it doesn’t accommodate the area’s increasing traffic.

“I would call it highly negligent of the city of Albuquerque for not putting what’s necessary in this intersection sooner,” Plourde says. 

Police reports show four crashes since February.

Last October, a truck turning onto Universe hit a woman’s car, then took off. Then in May, another driver was hit by a speeding car. 

“With the way cars are speeding and the amount of cars coming up and down, trying to get out has become a hazard,” Plourde says. 

The city says it is planning to analyze the intersection soon to see if improvements should be made. The city says it will come out during morning and afternoon rush hours and look at traffic patterns at the intersection.

Neighbors say there’s been many more crashes this year, but police aren’t always called.