FORT WORTH, Texas (KETK/NEXSTAR) – Police in Fort Worth, Texas, have arrested a man in connection with three dismembered bodies found in a burning dumpster last week.

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Jason Alan Thornburg, 41, was identified as a possible suspect after officers spotted his Jeep in surveillance footage on the day of the dumpster fire. The Jeep was later observed at a hotel in Euless, Texas, where surveillance footage showed one of the motel’s residents moving “plastic bins with what we believe to be body parts of our victims” into the car, Sgt. Joe Loughman of the Fort Worth Police said at a news conference.

On Monday, Thornburg was located in Arlington and agreed to accompany the detectives to a police station for questioning, Sgt. Loughman said.

“Once back at our office, Mr. Thornburg participated in a consensual interview with my detectives, during which time Mr. Thornburg admitted his involvement in the death of three individuals that were recovered in the dumpster,” Sgt. Loughman said. Thornburg also went into “intimate detail” about the crime, and admitted to killing “another female, in another state,” according to police.

Thornburg confessed to five murders in total, the Associated Press reported. He was subsequently arrested on a charge of capital murder of multiple persons.

The three victims in the dumpster were first found last week, after Fort Worth Fire responded to reports of a fire. Police identified one of the victims as 42-year-old David Lueras. The two unidentified victims were initially believed to be a young woman and a child, but Sgt. Loughman said Tuesday that detectives now believe both were adult females.

Sgt. Loughman would not comment on Thornburg’s motive. A police affidavit cited by the Associated Press said Thornburg felt compelled to sacrifice the victims.

Thornburg is currently being held at Tarrant County Jail on a $1 million bond.