COLORADO (KRQE) – A small town is suffering the effects of past winter storms. The town of Dolores in southern Colorado started to flood on Saturday, causing damage to homes.

Montezuma County had a banner year for snow. With the weather warming up quickly, it’s melting fast and coming down on the canyon town of 900.

“This is more water [than] even the people that have lived here a long time have ever seen,” Montezuma County Public Information Coordinator Vicki Shaffer said, “It’s coming off the hills; it’s washed across several roads.”

It’s unknown how many homes have been hit by flooding. Volunteers were able to save the preschool, but the high school gym was damaged. People have been volunteering since Easter Sunday, Erica Messinger is one of them.

“They’ve been asking time again, ‘Hey, we need more help.’ The sandbags will be loaded, [and] the water is coming over the sandbags, so we keep going out at it again and again,” said Messinger.

On her first day, she said about 70 people showed up to help and worked for 5 hours straight making sandbags. Messinger said, on Sunday, they filled up an entire pavilion with sandbags, and by Tuesday, they were all gone.

“I mean, there were little kids out there. There were folks that could barely bend over from just age and life, and they were getting down on their knees, tying bags,” said Messinger.

As of right now, no one has needed to evacuate their home.