Police lapel video shows exactly happened when two Native American teens went on a college campus tour at Colorado State University. 

Thomas Gray and his younger brother, who live in New Mexico, saved up to visit CSU. 

During the campus tour, however, a parent of another student on the tour called police, saying the two teens made her “nervous.”

It prompted officials to pull them away from the tour, pat them down and make them empty their pockets. 

Officer: “Someone from the group called, said that you just kind of came into the group.” 

Boys: “Yeah, we were late.” 

Officer: “Ok, they also said they tried asking you questions, and you wouldn’t answer questions.” 

Thomas Gray: “They asked us for our name.”

Officer: “Is there a reason you wouldn’t cooperate?” 

Thomas Gray: “He’s shy.” 

CSU also released audio of the concerned parent’s call to police. 

Parent: “They both are wearing black clothing.”

Operator: “Are they white males?”

Parent: “I think they are Hispanic. I believe one of them for sure, he says he’s from Mexico.” 

The boys were allowed back on the tour, but by that time it was over. 

The university has been apologetic about the incident, and Friday tweeted, “CSU welcomes the Gray family to our campus for a VIP tour with all expenses covered.”