SAN DIEGO — McDonald’s has unmasked its latest Happy Meal edition.

FOX announced its “Masknificent” collaboration with the fast-food chain inspired by the musical competition series, “The Masked Singer.”

Fans will get a chance to collect 12 fan-favorite characters from throughout the show’s nine seasons, including T-Rex, Peacock, Thingamajig, Miss Teddy, White Tiger and Space Bunny.

Once guests receive their meal, the unmasking begins. Fans will get a chance to guess which plush character is inside using the clue provided. No peeking — each toy is shrouded in an opaque wrapping.

Guests can then scan a code on the Happy Meal box to embark on an augmented reality experience. They can design their own stage using music and filters, then see a virtual concert starring their plush character.

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The themed Happy Meals hit restaurants Tuesday and will be available through April 24. Customers will get one toy per meal.