NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The efforts to end DWI in New Mexico continue, and now law enforcement needs your help.

Thursday, the governor’s office released the names and pictures of the state’s top offenders.

Some of the subjects officers are looking for have upwards of seven DWIs. One person is also facing a vehicular homicide charge. Ramona Morin is on the run after a drunk driving incident that ended in someone’s death in 2008 in San Juan County.

Some of the other offenders on the run include. Dwayne John, Wilson Kinlechee and Thomas Frank. Each of these men are wanted after racking up their seventh DWI.

Shawn Davis has six offenses, while the  rest of the people on the list have four or five drunk driving hits on their records.

The list is all part of an initiative started last year by Gov. Susana Martinez to find and arrest repeat drunk drivers, including those who have killed or seriously injured someone on the road, or skipped out on parole or probation.

Linda Atkinson with the DWI Resource Center says these tactics work.

“They had done this many years ago and it’s basically getting the public involved in helping to find these people who have absconded and they’re a danger to the community they live in,” Atkinson said.

Just this week, New Mexico released a new DWI ad showing a little girl terrified of her dad who’s drunk behind the wheel, a reminder of how drunk driving puts innocent lives at risk.

Since the governor started the program, posting the mugs of top offenders for everyone to see, officers have arrested 18 drunk drivers hiding from the law and 112 DWI fugitives who violated their probation for a DWI offense.

View mugshots of New Mexico’s 10 most wanted DWI fugitives below.