Murals seem to be popping up seemingly, every day in Albuquerque. Now, you can take a trolley tour to see the street art culture.

“Albuquerque is steeped in arts and culture, that’s what we’re about,” says Sandi Hill, the President of Studio Hill Design. 

Hill wants Albuquerque residents and tourists to enjoy the historical art scene throughout the city. 

“This is a wealth of art and culture that we have, that nobody really knows about,” she says. 

There’s so much to see, and now there’s a fun way to see it.

Sunday evening, more than a dozen people hopped on the first mural trolley tour, viewing at least 50 of the murals painted throughout the Downtown and Nob Hill areas. 

“This specifically being on murals, makes it a unique tour for us,” says Michael Silva, Co-Founder of Albuquerque Tourism Sightseeing Factory. 

The tour not only gives insight into the artist and the message behind their vivid paintings but also offering an Albuquerque history lesson.

Hill says this is a good way for locals to focus on the positive of the town.