October 18 Morning Rush: Teen pleads guilty to all 30 charges in Clovis library shooting

1. Nathaniel Jouett pleaded guilty Wednesday to 30 charges as an adult, including capital murder. Jouett is accused of opening fire in the Clovis Carver Library last year. His attorney still believes Jouett should also be given a hearing to see if the teen can be treated. Jouett's next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 13. That's when the judge will begin to consider an amenability hearing.

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2. The search is on for the next district attorney in Taos County. This comes as the current DA says he'll leave at the end of his term. District Attorney Donald Gallegos made the announcement on Facebook Wednesday. In response to a recent editorial in The Taos News." The editorial calls for the DA's retirement citing his handling of the Amalia compound case. That's where five suspects are accused of recruiting and training children for violent attacks against the government and other institutions. That group is now facing federal charges. Gallegos says he'll step down at the end of his term in December 2020.

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3. The last of a stalled out storm over Arizona will give New Mexico another round of showers on Thursday.

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4. A new podcast is set to shed light on a three decades old cold case.  Tara Calico's classmate continues the mission to solve her disappearance. Calico went missing from Valencia County when she was 19-years-old. Calico's former classmate and now filmmaker Melinda Esquibel created a podcast called "Vanished: The Tara Calico Investigation". In June of this year, People Magazine featured the case. Now, a documentary series directed by Esquibel is in the works.

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 5. The city is continuing to work on plans to turn an indoor water park at a local hotel into something different. The Wyndham Hotel by Carlisle and I-40 operates the city's only indoor water park. However, people who work near the hotel say business has dried up. The architect behind a proposed renovation is already taking his plans to the city. Right now plans to possibly turn the water park into a new fitness center.

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