Archaeological Conservancy helps preserve sites all across the country


The Archaeological Conservancy is the only national nonprofit organization that identifies, acquires, and preserves the most significant archaeological sites in the United States.

Since its beginning in 1980, the Conservancy has preserved more than 525 sites across the nation, ranging in age from the earliest habitation sites in North America to a 19th-century frontier army post.

They are building a national system of archaeological preserves to ensure the survival of our irreplaceable cultural heritage.

Their national headquarters is based in Albuquerque and has preserved archaeological sites across the nation for almost 40 years.

They also have regional offices in Nevada, Mississippi, Ohio, and Maryland. The Archaeological Conservancy also publishes American Archaeology magazine, a quarterly publication.

It is the only popular magazine devoted to the rich diversity of archaeology in the Americas. The purpose of the magazine is to help readers appreciate and understand the archaeological wonders available to them and to raise their awareness of the destruction of our cultural heritage.

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