ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque mom says she was beaten in the parking lot of James Monroe Middle School by a husband and wife on Friday.

Albuquerque Public Schools Police didn’t make an arrest in the case, and she wants to know why.

It happened during the school day. Tanya Medina says she’s still in shock and can’t sleep over the incident.

“I did end up with two black eyes, this one’s healed up pretty well,” she said, showing KRQE News 13 her bumps and bruises.

Medina says it started when she pulled into the James Monroe lot.

“I was on my way, on the 29th, to bring my son his PE clothes, because he had forgotten them,” she explained.

As she was parking, she answered a phone call from her teen daughter, who was stranded without gas. It was during that moment that Medina looked up and saw a man charging at her from across the lot.

“He was yelling ‘you hit my car’ and I was like ‘I didn’t hit your car,” she said.

Medina says she tried to talk the man down, but suddenly noticed a woman wearing scrubs was hurtling toward the situation. That woman turned out to be the man’s wife.

“That’s when my phone fell out of my hand, still on the line and [my daughter] could hear everything,” she said.

Next thing she knows, the woman hit her with her car door, then started throwing punches.

“I’m trying to get her off of me and she’s just swinging,” she said.

“All I could hear was, cursing and my mother screaming, ‘get off of me, get off of me,'” Alexis Green, her teen daughter on the phone, said.

Medina says the man joined in and they both attacked her for several minutes before APS Police finally came out and stopped the situation.

A school secretary told the officer that she saw the couple drag Medina out of her car and start pummeling her.

“He said ‘I see what happened, I hear the witnesses, but I didn’t see it myself therefore I cannot arrest them,'” Medina said, recounting what the APS officer said.

Cameras are installed at the school, but Medina says she was told that they did not capture the fight.

The APS Police report classified the incident as “public affray,” meaning a fight — not an assault.

Medina was left stunned, dizzy and bruised and bloody. She wants justice, and doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she did.

“APS, I just couldn’t believe they couldn’t do anything, I don’t understand,” she said.

The witness statement from the husband and wife both said they were angry because they “thought” Medina “almost” hit their car. There was no damage to either vehicle and Medina says the couple was unscathed in the incident.

The secretary’s witness account says the couple tried to flee after the fight broke up, but that the cop stopped them.

APS wouldn’t comment on why no one was arrested. A spokeswoman said it’s unfortunate that two adults would fight over a parking space.