JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri says roughly 185,000 whitetail deer killed during the state’s recently completed firearms hunting season were nearly 1,500 fewer than last year.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says preliminary information shows hunters claimed 185,066 deer during the newly completed firearms portion of the fall hunting season. During the same season last year, Missouri hunters killed 186,542 deer.

Of the deer harvested this season, the department says 95,383 were antlered bucks, 18,889 were button bucks, and 70,794 were does.

Top harvest counties were Howell with 3,910 deer checked, Franklin with 3,738, and Texas with 3,562.

The department reported three firearms-related hunting incidents during the latest hunting season. Two of them involved self-inflicted wounds, while the third one involved one hunter wounding another while shooting at a deer.