ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As he was driving southbound on I-25, a metal beam impaled Fernando Garcia’s windshield just missing him by a few inches.“What the f*** bro. I almost f****** died. look at that s*** man,” said Garcia. 

After seeing the car in front of him swerve trying to avoid the beam, Garcia says he had little to no time to react, closing his eyes as the piece of metal took flight. “She hit it causing it to change direction to get a skip on this and that’s where it just ‘bop’ went into the windshield,” Garcia said.

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While the beam damaged the other driver’s front bumper and left tire, she knows the situation could have been much worse. “I am thankful to god that nothing happened to me and to him it might have been a catastrophe so we both could have lost control and it may have caused a chain accident,” said driver, Birsen Ayaz.

As for Garcia, while shaken up after the impact, he says he’s just grateful to be alive. “Traumatized a little bit from what happened and stuff like that you only see these things in the movies. It did go into the windshield and causing it to stop was probably one of the air vents or something like that. I honestly don’t know what made it stop, but thankfully it did,” added Garcia.

After escaping with a few scratches on his hands from the broken glass, Garcia says he’ll be keeping the piece of metal as a memento. “I keep it around because it’s like my trophy in a way. I guess you can say, metal zero, me one.” Garcia says he spent more than $600 to replace his windshield, but says he’s still left with an additional $6,000 in repairs.