RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE)– Many continue to offer their support for fallen Rio Rancho Officer Gregg Benner.

“It’s important to pay our respects, this man died doing a job that most of us couldn’t even handle”, said Rio Rancho Resident Peggy Prostano.

Flowers, flags, candles and more, all piled high in the Albertson’s parking lot where Officer Benner lost his life Monday evening. Although two days have passed, this site rarely sits empty, visitors deep in thought, trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy

“It’s unbelievable how I feel about what went on and the police have done a lot for the city of Rio Rancho”, said Rio Rancho Resident Jeannette Garcia.

“A person that’s out doing his job, to get it taken away from him just like that, over what, it’s ridiculous”, said Rio Rancho Resident Dawn.

Some even brought their children along, to try and somehow explain the crime that has rocked their community. They say, respecting the men and women dedicated to protecting residents here is important.

Prostano said, “It’s shocking and tragic and not good for the kids, so to bring them out and show them a more positive side, the respect side of things.”

“We wanted to say that we’re really sorry for the officer and his family”, said Rio Rancho Resident Kaden Emery.

The community is sending a strong message of unwavering support for this department and its fallen brother.

“I think this is a time when everybody in not just in New Mexico, Albuquerque, needs to come together, and show support for any officer, military, anybody who puts their life on the line for us”, said Albuquerque Resident Rebecca Dyble.

People aren’t just paying their respects at the memorial. A Facebook page in honor of Officer Benner is getting attention from people all around the country.