Local medical cannabis dispensaries are working together to help fund research at the University of New Mexico. 

It is work that is hard to do with so many federal regulations for cannabis. 

New Mexico cannabis dispensaries and several cannabis product manufacturers presented a check Friday morning for $2,000 for medical cannabis research at UNM. 

Doctor Jacob Vigil recently started the medical cannabis research fund at UNM to pay for these kinds of studies.  

He says getting funding for cannabis research is extremely difficult because cannabis is not legal on a federal level. 

Despite that, he’s published studies including medical cannabis use for opioid addiction and whether it can help reduce prescription drugs use. 

Researchers are currently working on studies involving its use for cancer patients and veterans with PTSD.

Susan Billy with Ultra Health, a New Mexico dispensary, says customers recently bought raffle tickets for baskets of cannabis products to come up with the funds. 

“It’s so important and there’s so many things that this can do and it can help so many people on so many levels, you know not just health wise but economically so we need all the research,” Billy said. 

“I actually set up this fund as an opportunity so that my fellow community members could donate and sponsor the type of research that they feel is most important to the community members, their families and so forth and that is exactly what took place here,” Dr. Vigil said. 

He added that these donated funds will help double the number of participants they can admit into the PTSD study.

New Mexico has about 60,000 medical cannabis patients.