Mayor Tim Keller is backing up his initiative to keep money in the Albuquerque economy by employing more local businesses through city contracts.

He is working to transfer suppliers, contractors and other businesses to locally-owned and sourced products.

The city has created a list of which current contracts they can begin switching to local vendors to keep the ball rolling. 

They have started by buying coffee from Albuquerque’s own Zendo Coffee for their offices in Civic Plaza. They are also using business cards and rubber stamps from local vendors. 

“These stamps are made locally but purchased by California vendor, so the city pays a California vendor who then buys them locally and of course they take a huge share,” Mayor Keller said. 

The mayor says it is the first step in the city’s push to help the local economy by supporting small businesses. 

He also says about 80 percent of city business goes out of state right now. To change that, they will give local companies some preference in the bidding process.

Local business owners say they’ve struggled to compete with big, out-of-state corporations on city bids.

Mayor Tim Keller has instructed each city department to get a bid from at least one local company for all new purchases.