SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some say recreational marijuana will sell like a new Krispy Kreme restaurant opening, the day it becomes legal. That’s what the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department are telling a state committee as it discusses the rules and regulations it will need.

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RLD superintendent, Linda Trujillo, says the biggest priority right now is to get cannabis in the ground to have sufficient supplies. “We have been advised by experts around the country that it’s highly likely and probably true that we will run out of cannabis in the first week, if not the first two weeks,” she explains. 

Trujillo believes the department has a responsibility to medical cannabis patients to ensure they will not be harmed in the first couple of weeks when cannabis might be limited. That’s why there’s a focus on production and plant count. Data from a research project shows the state would need nearly 500,000 plants to meet the demand. 

Trujillo refers to this situation as the Krispy Kreme syndrome, “Eventually there weren’t lines for me to get Krispy Kreme’s but that first week there were lines in order for us to get a donut.”

According to a spokesperson from the Cannabis Control Division, every state that has launched an adult-use market has had a number of retailers sell out on opening day. They say this is normal, expected and something the division is factoring into planning.

On September 1, the state will start to accept and begin processing license applications for cannabis producers. The next public hearing on recreational marijuana regulations is scheduled for August 6.