SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Over the last year, New Mexico’s recreational cannabis sales have grown consistently over the last year. Now data shows June 2023 sales have hit another high of over $33 million.

“Consistency of the sales is an indicator that New Mexicans continue to support the industry, both on the medical side and the adult-use side,” Bernice Geiger, the spokesperson for the Cannabis Control Division, said.

Albuquerque retailers make up a large portion of the sales. A recent KRQE News 13 investigation revealed that cannabis shops now outnumber liquor stores in the city.

Since sales began last April, more than $124 million worth of recreational cannabis has been sold in Albuquerque. In Las Cruces and Santa Fe, retailers have sold more than $28 million worth in each city, data from the Cannabis Control Division shows.

As sales continue, the state’s regulators have been working to ensure that each of the retailers in the state follows the rules. The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) has done over 700 inspections so far, Geiger says.

“If we receive information that a licensee is in possession of illegal cannabis from out-of-state, we will immediately open an investigation and take action against the license if violations of the law are found to have been committed. The CCD turns any evidence of out-of-state product sales over to the state Department of Public Safety and possibly local law enforcement agencies to investigate as a crime,” Geiger says.

The regulators have taken action against several cannabis companies. A list of enforcement actions can be found on the CCD’s website.