NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Health inspections for edible cannabis food items are a new hurdle that health departments in New Mexico are trying to figure out how to handle. “We are we’re deliberately not getting involved in cannabis edibles until we see what the outcome of that legislation is because our current food ordinances wouldn’t be coherent with what the state allows for,” said Mark Dimenna, City of Albuquerque Deputy Director of Environmental Health.

Dimenna said the legislation is currently in front of the Albuquerque city council and is set to be introduced soon. The legislation would modify the existing food ordinances that are currently in place to incorporate any kind of cannabis-based edibles.

“Once that comes down to like retail storefront level, that’s something that the provisions council is looking at which would provide for local level permits and local level regulation to make sure that once the product is in stores, it’s being, handled safely handled carefully,” said DiMenna.

On a different level the cannabis control division director, Kristen Thomson said their inspections are done from seedlings to shops that sell cannabis. “So the agricultural product growing, to manufacturing to the retail sale that involves food handling and manufacturing,” said Thomson.

Thomson did not tell us how many times a year they inspect facilities making edible cannabis products, but did say they are doing regular checks to make sure everything is within state guidelines.