ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Sawmill Sweet Leaf LLC has been ordered to halt its operations, according to a preliminary injunction approved by a district judge. State regulators have claimed that the shop had been breaking the state’s cannabis regulations and was a danger to the community.

The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) says they uncovered evidence of “serious violations” at the shop on 1501 Mountain Drive NW. The CCD says Sawmill Sweet Leaf LLC was selling out-of-state cannabis products that may not have been properly tested. The CCD also says the company was using an extraction system that posed a fire and explosion risk.

The judge’s order requires Sawmill Sweet Leaf LLC to immediately halt cannabis-related business. Next, the business can attend a formal hearing with the CCD to discuss the issues.

“This decision highlights the importance of adhering to legal regulations and ensuring public safety within the cannabis industry,” New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Superintendent Linda Trujillo said in a press release. “It serves as a reminder that businesses must operate within the boundaries of the law to protect consumers and maintain the integrity of the industry.”

The Cannabis Control Division has been working to enforce cannabis rules in the relatively new industry. The regulators are also contemplating increasing requirements for getting a cannabis business license in New Mexico.

Editor’s Note: Sawmill Sweet Leaf LLC is not connected to other similarly named cannabis businesses, regulators say.