ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Buying cannabis in Albuquerque is now about as easy as ordering a pizza for delivery. Canvas Organics is one of several cannabis retailers in the city partnering with the cannabis delivery company called Priscotty.

The cannabis industry is booming in New Mexico. That’s why pot shop owners are trying to make it even easier to get their products to customers by using weed delivery companies like Priscotty. 

CEO and founder Scott Prisco explained, “It allows people to get their cannabis discreetly on their terms, and there’s a lot of an older generation too that it’s an inconvenience to get out and go and leave the house, and they would rather pay for that convenience and get it directly to them.”

Chris Tapia, owner of Sawmill Cannabis, said Priscotty gives his store the chance to reach a larger customer base. “We’re very excited because it allows us to get our cannabis to medical patients and to recreational customers throughout the city without necessarily building out the infrastructure for a delivery business,” he said. 

Tapia explained this service is not only convenient but also promotes public safety. He shared, “A lot of people rely on cannabis for their medication, and they need to take that as soon as possible, and you really don’t want them driving around having consumed cannabis or edibles, so it’s much better and obviously safer.”

The owner of Canvas Organics said the store is seeing average in-store orders at about $60.00, while average delivery orders with Priscotty are at $130. Priscotty takes 10% of the order total, and customers pay a delivery fee depending on how far they live.

Right now, the company is serving 15 retailers with plans to expand. Prisco said, “We found that Albuquerque was just the perfect place to start. Along with the regulations and how they’re a little bit more lenient, and we can run the model we want to run and use 10-99 employees that use their own vehicles.”

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As Priscotty continues to expand the company, he’s looking to hire local drivers from the area. Prisco said Priscotty expects to expand to other cities in New Mexico including Santa Fe and Las Cruces.