ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The legalization of recreational marijuana in New Mexico has generated tens of millions of dollars in sales, now there is another way that people are cashing in on the pot business. One local shop is now delivering orders to customers front doors.

Located on the edge of Nob Hill, is Duke City Herbs. For the last seven years, they have focused on holistic remedies. When cannabis became legal this spring, she added recreational pot to her shelves.

Jana Quitero, the owner of Duke City Herbs, says, “I learned that that was a need, especially in the community, even for other businesses that that would be the next need.”

Now, she is offering a new service to deliver cannabis right to her customers’ doors. ”It only took a couple of months. Honestly, it didn’t take me that long. I had all my paperwork in order. So once it opened, I went and submitted it.”

Quitero says it was easy to apply for their courier license. The state says since the sales of recreational pot have started, they’ve only given out 20 courier licenses. Adding a courier license to a business costs $250.

“We anticipate that growth to continue and opportunities for New Mexicans to get involved in the industry in some way whether it’s as a producer or courier we believe that those opportunities will just continue to grow,” said Robert Sachs, the deputy director of policy with the Cannabis Control Division.

The courier option, many feel, is attracting even more customers. “We have been game getting a lot of feedback with the online added for the cannabis delivery. So right now we’ve probably added a good roughly 30 new customers for delivery.”

Since April 1, sales of recreational cannabis have totaled well over 87 million dollars for the state. According to new Mexico’s cannabis control division, there are 478 licensed retailers in the state.