ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The state’s Cannabis Control Division (CCD) has cracked down on another cannabis company. Golden Roots has been accused of moving illegally obtained cannabis, not complying with a subpoena for surveillance video, and a range of other violations.

“The violations performed by this licensee show a blatant disregard for the Cannabis Regulation Act and the laws all licensees in New Mexico must follow,” CCD Director Todd Stevens said in a press release. “Our compliance officers will continue performing daily inspections, following up on complaints, and working to remove all bad actors from the New Mexico cannabis industry.”

CCD compliance officers inspected the business’s facility in Albuquerque. The CCD says they found no evidence that cannabis had been grown at the facility, despite the business listing the product as having been grown there.

After facing allegations of passing off illegal cannabis as cannabis they legally grew, Golden Roots was offered a hearing to discuss the allegations. They did not show up, and the hearing officer gave the go-ahead to revoke Golden Roots’ cannabis license.

The business was also slapped with $298,972.05 worth of fines for the income they earned from selling illegal products, CCD says. That money will go into a fund for New Mexico public schools. This is the third cannabis business that has had its license revoked by CCD, but it is the first to face such massive fines.