Man who encouraged 12-year-old daughter to fight learns sentence

A New Mexico dad will spend his next 15 weekends behind bars after egging on his 12-year-old daughter during a fight. 

Video shows Mark Pappas back in August at Mesa Contreras Park in Rio Rancho. He’s heard calling the other girl names and encouraging his daughter to hit her after witnesses say she called his daughter “rude.” 

Monday in court, Pappas apologized to the girl, her family and explained his behavior as an emotional response to his daughter being bullied.

Prosecutors were only calling for probation, but Judge George Eichwald wasn’t about to let Pappas off without jail time.  “You want to pick on someone, there are plenty of people to pick on in the county jail. They’ll more than oblige you,” Judge George Eichwald said. 

The judge sentenced Pappas to 30 days, which he’ll serve by checking into jail for 15 weekends. He’ll also have to take anger management classes.

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