ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police are outraged after a judge let an Albuquerque man out of jail, saying the video proves just how dangerous he is. Video shows an argument on a city bus that ended with a man being stabbed 25 times, but a judge said the video doesn’t prove the suspect is a dangerous man.

Police said surveillance video shows Gregory Dozier stabbing a stranger more than two dozen times on an Albuquerque city bus.

The attack happened on Jan. 21, while the bus was stopped on Central near Presbyterian Hospital. According to the criminal complaint, Dozier was walking down the aisle of the bus when he fell over near where the victim, his girlfriend and child were sitting.

“They exchanged some words,” said Officer Fred Duran, Albuquerque Police Department.

Police said Dozier then ripped a necklace off the man. In retaliation, the victim confronted Dozier. Video shows the man swinging at Dozier’s face, followed by Dozier stabbing the man repeatedly.

“The victim had suffered 25 stab wounds,” said Officer Duran.

Police finally tracked Dozier down at a shelter on Feb. 8, and arrested him for aggravated battery and armed robbery. Police thought he was finally off the streets, but Wednesday District Court Judge Cindy Leos released him with a GPS monitor.

“He’s back out on the streets today which is frustrating not only for myself, but also my detectives who put in all this hard work,” said Officer Duran.

According to court documents, Judge Leos said the video did not prove Dozier is threat to the community. She pointed out he did not start the confrontation, and that he has no convictions for violent crimes, just arrests. APD said they disagree and Dozier is dangerous.

“He actually made threats to my detectives on this case that if he gets out that he’s going to do things to the victims that ratted on him,” said Officer Duran.

Dozier has been arrested over the years for crimes ranging from domestic violence to false imprisonment — but those charges were all dropped. Dozier did not have to pay a dime to get out of jail while he awaits trial, but he will be supervised. Prosecutors wanted him held without a bond.