Man robbed, then shot while using CNM campus ATM


Police say criminals were there lurking by an ATM near Robert Matteucci Hall on the main Central New Mexico Community College’s campus Monday.

“It looks like an individual was trying to get cash from an ATM and he was accosted by three individuals,” said Officer Simon Drobik with Albuquerque Police.  

That man, who police said is not a CNM student, was attacked around 11 p.m. 

Office Drobik says the thieves took the man’s wallet, money and truck. 

However, in that terrifying moment, the man didn’t give up easily.

“From what I understand that individual put up a fight and he got shot in the leg,” said Drobik. 

Police say the investigation is ongoing and they will be looking for any video surveillance of the suspects.

People at CNM aren’t too happy to hear about the assault, at a machine frequently used by students and staff. 

“I thought it was pretty crazy,” said CNM student Jerry Moyle.   

He said it’s all very shocking. 

“It really mind boggles me sometimes how selfish people can be and how desperate people get,” said Moyle. 

CNM sent out an alert on Tuesday morning to notify students and faculty of the attack. 

“It’s incredibly unfortunate but we live in today’s times,” said Phillip Bustos. 

Bustos is the Vice President of Student Services for CNM and said they do have campus security where students can request escorts at any time of day. 

“The other thing that a lot of our instructors have been doing is creating groups of students that walk to their cars together,” said Bustos.  

In addition, the school has increased foot and bike patrols, and have cameras on campus.

“We do want them to always pay attention to their surroundings and have a plan in case something like this were to happen,” he said.

 CNM’s president sent students the following statement. 

Dear Students,
As you’re probably aware from the “Timely Warning” email that was sent to the CNM community early this morning, we had a particularly alarming crime that took place on Main Campus late last night. At around 11 p.m. on Monday, March 26, a person who was not a student or employee was allegedly robbed after using the ATM located outside of Robert P. Matteucci Hall. His truck was stolen and he was shot in the thigh during the alleged incident. There were three suspects that immediately fled the scene. No descriptions were available. Thankfully, under the circumstances, it was a non-life-threating injury. Our thoughts are with the victim and his family, and we hope he makes a full recovery.
The Albuquerque Police Department and Albuquerque Fire Department were the responding agencies.
This incident is particularly upsetting since somebody was shot on our campus. Although CNM campuses are generally safe, we are located in an urban setting near areas associated with crime. And as much as we would like to think and hope that we’re shielded from all of the ills of our community while we’re at CNM, we are not.
In today’s day and age, we must continue to focus our efforts and resources on campus safety and communication. It’s our top priority. But we need your help. To keep our CNM community as safe as possible, all of us need to recommit ourselves to staying alert and reporting any suspicious activity that might be taking place on CNM property. Please do not hesitate to call CNM Security at 505-224-3002 if you see something suspicious. In an emergency situation, call CNM Security’s emergency line at 505-224-3001 or 911.
CNM Security escorts are also available in the evenings if you would like somebody to walk with you to your vehicle. Call 505-224-3002 for an escort.
Monday’s shooting incident is another stark reminder to be as prepared as possible if an active shooter situation takes place at a CNM location. An opportunity to learn more about active shooter preparation will take place on Thursday evening from 5:30-7 p.m., when CNM Security Chief John Corvino will be conducting an Active Shooter Training on Main Campus at Smith Brasher Hall, Room 101. He will discuss the following: Situational Awareness; Mindset of an Active Shooter; the practice of “Run, Hide, Fight”; and Law Enforcement Response. The training will conclude with a practical exercise.
In an active shooter situation, please know the layout of your classrooms and other areas you frequent at CNM, the exit routes and what you would need to do if a shooter was in your area. Below is an excerpt from our Security Department’s “Emergency Procedures,” specifically addressing what to do if you are in the immediate vicinity of an active shooter and exiting a building is not an option:
n  Go to the nearest room/office.
n  Close and lock/barricade the door, if possible.
n  Turn off the lights.
n  Seek protective cover (i.e. behind desks, tables).
n  Put your cell phone on vibrate – use only to communicate with emergency personnel.
n  Keep quiet and try to make it seem as if nobody is in the room.
n  Do not answer the door; wait for the arrival of a police officer/security officer to escort you to safety. They will identify themselves and will be in uniform.
n  Notify 911 or CNM Security at 224-3001 when safe to do so and provide the dispatcher with this information: your name; your location; number of shooters if known; identification or description of shooter(s) if known; injuries if known.
Please be aware that if you are safely locked in an office or classroom, police or security officers may take some time to get to you. The top priority is to stop the threat. The fact that you may not hear or see officers right away could mean you are safely away from the immediate danger. Wait patiently until a uniformed police or security officer gives an all clear. Once you are rescued, officers will guide you to safety. If you are staged away from the incident, do not leave the area until instructed to do so. Police or security might need to interview you to gather information.
Here is a link to more information about CNM’s Emergency Procedures. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with them. Also, here are some crime prevention tips.
As we are all painfully aware, gun violence can happen anytime, anywhere. Please be vigilant and watch out for each other. Let’s do our very best to keep each other safe.
Kathie Winograd
CNM President

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