The man awaiting sentencing for almost killing a 17-year-old Cibola High School student with a shovel was at an Isotopes game, possibly on a date. He’s supposed to be under house arrest. 

The victim’s family captured the ballgame excursion on video, and now the District Attorney’s office wants to make sure Justin Hansen doesn’t have any more outings like that.

“I was like, are you kidding me?” Brittani Marcel said. 

Marcell is in disbelief. 

With his ankle monitor clearly visible through his pants, Justin Hansen was taking in a ballgame Saturday evening, nearly a decade after ambushing Marcell with a shovel inside her home and leaving her for dead.

“After I’ve pretty much been locked up for like ten years and scared out of my mind to go do stuff, while he’s out there walking around like nothing’s happened,” said Marcell. 

Done in by DNA last year, Hansen pleaded no contest in April to attempted murder for attacking the then 17-year-old Cibola High student he knew from the mall.

Until his sentencing next month, however, he’s supposed to be under house arrest.  

“Somebody who attempted murder on my daughter and left her for dead, and he’s out roaming the streets, but they authorized him to go to a sporting event,” said Brittany’s mom, Diane Marcell.  

Under Hansens’ conditions of release, he’s only allowed to take his kids to school. 

“Never said that he could go to sporting events,” said Diane Marcell.  

Other trips must be approved by officers from Pretrial Services, and he must be accompanied by a list of approved chaperones. 

District Court confirms Hansen asked to go to the game and they approved it.  

“They let him go out, pretrial services, they need to take responsibility, they need to comply and be held accountable,” said Brittani Marcell.  

Since Hansen’s ball game outing, the DA’s office filed a motion to clamp down on his conditions of release.

They call the woman a possible girlfriend and say “allowing such a frivolous outing” is against the conditions of release. They also say it’s unknown if he was accompanied by an “authorized responsible party.”

“How do we know that he’s not gonna take flight with this person he was with?” said Diane Marcell.  

Brittani said it makes her fearful for anyone that crosses his path. 

“He could be out there eyeing you down saying you’re the next person I go after,” said Brittani Marcell. 

The DA’s office said even though the trip was approved by pretrial services, they believe it was completely unacceptable. 

Hansen faces up to 18 years when he’s sentenced next month. District Court Judge Cindy Leos made the decision to let Hansen stay out of jail until sentencing even after he pleaded to the crime.