A local business was really just a front for a meth distribution center, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Now, the Albuquerque man who runs that company and one of his dealers are facing federal charges.

According to a year-long investigation outlined in a federal search warrant, Javier Jaquez was using his business, Jaquez Brothers Trucking, as a front for a major meth operation.

His business on Central Avenue near 98th Street, is a rather nondescript property surrounded by other industrial businesses.

It’s not clear how, but DEA agents say they first caught wind of Jaquez in June 2017. 

Months later, the DEA says an undercover agent bought meth from one of Jaquez’s dealers in the parking lot of the McDonalds on 98th Street. The search warrant states Jaquez orchestrated the deal. The undercover agent bought a pound of meth for $4,000.

The investigation continued as the DEA says Jaquez fell for two more of their stings, selling to another undercover agent and a confidential informant.

With all three drug deals combined, the DEA says Jaquez sold them three pounds of meth for a total of $12,000.

According to the search warrant, a CI also told agents that a mobile home at Jaquez Brother’s Trucking was holding 70 pounds of meth, all just waiting to be sold. If it was all sold, it would go for approximately $280,000.

The search warrant also documents what agents saw while surveilling Jaquez, coming to the conclusion that this mobile home was the place he and his dealers would pick up from before going to sell it.

It all came to an end in late July 2018. Then, a buyer was set to make a big drug deal from Jaquez. 

The buyer, Jaquez, and a man named Freddie Sanchez, all met in a dirt field just north of the McDonalds on 98th. 

Once the deal was done, agents moved in and surrounded them. They say Jaquez and Sanchez then took off, trying to get away from agents.

Shortly after, agents caught up, cornering the men on a dead end road. 

When agents searched that mobile home on the property of Jaquez’s business, they found nearly $80,000 in cash, more than 10 pounds of meth, a semi-automatic rifle, handgun and cocaine. 

Both of them are now in federal prison, facing charges of intent to distribute more than 500g of drugs, conspiracy and possessing a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking.