ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Tall Foods is the greener, healthier tastier way to eat red meat. The business is dedicated to being a global model and leader in environmentally friendly, sustainable farming by producing organic, pasture ostriches for regional consumption.

They seek to become a zero emissions, waste-free ranch, disrupting the traditional livestock-farming world, by providing a community and environmentally methodology for divestment in cattle or poultry farming to a healthy- and environmentally-friendly ostrich production operation. By emulating the TF model, developing nations and rural economies can pivot into and scale operations in ostrich ranching.

Overall, their goal is to become a global leader in alternative animal farming, introducing a high-value alternative, nutritional, humane food product in lieu of unhealthy and unsustainable meat options. Some of their products include: ostrich meat, eggs, feathers, leather and oil.