ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Ten years ago, an Albuquerque couple embarked on a vision. They wanted to create a special type of entertainment, and now “Heaven Sent Gaming” has accomplished a decade of delivering positive themes.

“We’re an entertainment team,” said Mario Lucero.

Sharing so many common interests and a genuine love for what they do, the married couple created Heaven Sent Gaming.

“We do comics, games, music, novels, video and web entertainment,” Mario explained.

“Our main attraction is our web comics right now,” said Isabel. She is the artist who brings these characters to life.

For example, she showed KRQE News 13 one of her characters, Mouton.

“Mouton is a football player, but one day he actually got some serum spilled on him,” Isabel explained. “He got Hulk-like super muscles, so he uses that to defend all the people he loves,” she said.

All told, they’ve created roughly 200 characters.

“We develop it in-house. We make everything in house,” Mario said.

It’s called “Heaven Sent” for a reason.

“It’s all good, clean content,” Mario said. “It centers around Christian themes,” he said.

Jason Waggoner is editor-in-chief. He met the Luceros in college in Tempe, Arizona.

“It’s not just about making something that’s snappy or edgy. It’s more, something that has a good message, something that you need in the world,” he said. “Be kind to each other, treat each other with respect,” noting the themes.

As for their future plans, Mario revealed their next project.

“We’re actually working on our first commercial video game right now, and we’re going to release it on Nintendo platforms and probably mobile phones,” he said.