Local business launches app that hopes to save brick and mortar stores

A local business owner couldn’t keep competing with low internet prices, so he developed a way for brick and mortars across the country to beat out the big box stores.

“Eighteen months ago I had decided I was going to close,” said Duane Kinsley, owner of Sport Systems. 

Kinsley’s store has been in business in the metro for 33 years, and even with a local client base, he couldn’t keep up with the low prices shoppers can find on websites like Amazon. 

“People were coming into this store saying, ‘Duane I can buy this ski for $150 less online, but if you match it I’ll buy it here,'” said Kinsley. 

Except, that wasn’t working for Kinsley either. The store was still losing too much money. That’s when he started thinking outside the box and came up with the app now known as “Best Deal Retailer.”

“We saw an unbelievable transformation for our business, record sales, record margins, record profits,” said Kinsley. 

Even with New Mexico’s horrible winter last year, Kinsley said Sport Systems still had one of their best financial years on record. 

The Best Deal Retailer App doesn’t ‘price match’ in the traditional sense, though Kinsley and his staff do help shoppers find the lowest price they can for their items online. 

“We’re going to look it up, Google it either on the tablet or your phone and find the cheapest price in the world and we’ll beat it,” said Kinsley. 

For example, if a shopper finds a pair of skis online for $550 and they’re on sale in Sport Systems for $700, instead of simply taking $150 off the price, the Best Deal Retailer App adds services or products to the shoppers’ purchase until the price evens out. 

“I’m going to show you dozens of services and hundreds of products to make up that difference,” said Kinsley. 

Kinsley offers customers things like lift tickets, clothing and services in his store. 

Now, the Best Deal Retailer is expanding, and Kinsley believes this app that saved his store will help save other local brick and mortar stores. 

“What will happen here is that all of us local retailers will help each other close deals,” said Kinsley. 

So, if customers don’t want anything from Sport Systems, they can select services from other local businesses who sign up.

“How about something like an eye exam? Or, how about a new pair of tires?” said Kinsley. 

The City of Albuquerque is helping this app grow and expand. 

“It will definitely be a game changer for local storefronts and businesses,” said Synthia Jaramillo, the City of Albuquerque’s Director of Economic Development. 

Jaramillo believes the technology will help the city retain jobs and bring in more money. 

“When I think about businesses that are located just on Central in the corridor, the fact that they are going to have a platform to be competitive… it’s going to allow them to partner with another locally owned business. I think it’s not only going to excite them, it’s going to compel them to stay in Albuquerque, grow in Albuquerque and stick it out with us,” said Jaramillo. 

The Best Deal Retailer App isn’t something shoppers can download. It’s sold to individual stores. The app officially launched Thursday night. 

“We’re all going out of business, [but] now you’re going to see it go the other direction with this app,” said Kinsley. 

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller is a major supporter of the app. He sent KRQE News 13 this statement: 

“Best Deal Retailer is the kind of company we support—it’s homegrown and is creating good jobs. This app, sold to retailers, gives customers the best deal in a local brick and mortar store. This strengthens Main Street, and increases our tax base. This innovative concept was invented right here in Albuquerque at Sport Systems. We always encourage folks to shop local, now you can support local and get the best deal. Check it out for your next purchase.”

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