SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – New Mexico election regulators say the Libertarian Party has qualified as a major political party.

Major-party status makes it easier for Libertarians candidates to get their name on the ballot. Secretary of State’s Office spokesman Joey Keefe said Monday that Libertarian candidates need just 230 petition signatures to run statewide. A Democrat will need 2,507 based on prior election turnout.

Attorney A. Blair Dunn is running as a Libertarian for the Senate seat held by Democrat Martin Heinrich, and business consultant Lloyd Princeton is seeking the Albuquerque-based congressional seat under the Libertarian banner.

State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn recently switched his party affiliation to Libertarian from Republican. Auber Dunn is Blair Dunn’s father.

Libertarians got major party status with a strong showing in 2016 presidential elections and adequate registration numbers.