Wander down to the Pecos River Village on the east side of Lake Carlsbad this time of year and you can take a voyage through a dazzling display of Christmas cheer.

The annual Christmas on the Pecos event offers daily floating tours at night along four miles of lakeside homes in the middle of the city.

About 100 homeowners and the Chamber of Commerce erect brilliantly colored light displays, often depicting holiday storylines or pulsing to music.

“People have their trolley tours and Albuquerque has their river of lights at the bio park but where else in New Mexico can you go in New Mexico and actually do a boat tour and experience 100 homes that are fully decorated for the season?” asked Chamber Tourism Director Lisa Boeke.

This is the 25th anniversary of Christmas on the Pecos and event organizer Mike Calvani says it just keeps getting better.

“You’ll see everything imaginable. Everyone does something unique and different,” said Calvani.

“It does take a lot of work to put this on. We have 100 homeowners and they get out and just do a tremendous job for us,” he added.

For homeowners who want to be part of the program, but may not be physically able to do the work, Chamber volunteers step in.

“We just spend the day pretty much doing what they want. If they have a vision, we just try to make it happen for them,” said volunteer Michelee McGath.

The event has now become a signature attraction for the area.

“We’re not really a winter destination. So for us this project is huge, it’s a big driver to the economy,” said Boeke.

Calvani feels that he and others who work to make the show happen get the biggest reward from the children.

“We hear the fascination of the children on the boats as they go by our home and it is unbelievable how exciting and fascinated they are with this project.”

The event runs annually from Thanksgiving to the end of December.

Tickets are available online or at the event.

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