A New Mexico lawmaker wants the state to add another legal holiday- Cesar Chavez Day. 

The iconic Hispanic civil rights activist dedicated himself to improving living and working conditions for farm workers. 

“Things weren’t right. The opportunities that were being offered to other people in this country weren’t being extended to farm workers, so he was committed to going out there and doing something about it,” said Paul Chavez, Cesar Chavez’ son. 

Now Democratic state representative, Miguel Garcia of Albuquerque, is hoping a bill on its way to the house, will make Cesar Chavez day a legal holiday for the first Friday of every April. 

This would give New Mexicans the day off work to honor his contributions to society. 

“I think it’s great. If anyone deserves it Cesar does,” said Pablo Trujillo with Recuerda Cesar Chavez Committee. 

Cesar Chavez Day is already observed every April, but some think Chavez’ life should be celebrated the same as other historical figures like Martin Luther King. 

“We have Columbus day, we have other people honored, and I think this would be a wonderful addition to one of the holidays,” said a resident of Albuquerque. 

While others say the recognition he has received is more than enough.

“I”m not really a true fan of everything they’ve done, even here in the South Valley,” said one resident. 

As for Columbus Day, a lawmaker has already floated a bill for the upcoming session to change Columbus Day, to Indigenous People’s Day.