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NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – We’re looking into the distant past to present you with an “out of this” world special highlighting strange and unusual Larry Barker investigations. Watch this unique presentation of the most bizarre Larry Barker investigations.

We begin with a story that aired in November 2010. Millions of people believe there is a vast government conspiracy to cover up the truth about the famous Roswell incident, the supposed crash of a flying saucer on a ranch in eastern New Mexico. That was in 1947. If a flying saucer did crash there, shouldn’t the vast advances in science that have occurred since then now give us the tools to find definite evidence? Well, not many people know it, but a team of University of New Mexico archeologists set out to do precisely that. Larry reports on their intensive search, what they did and what they found.

Then, for years, Larry Barker has tracked down and exposed countless crooked politicians, con men, and other nefarious characters. Some have been heartless, but almost all have been living, breathing human beings. In his report from October 2009, though, his investigative targets are not human, at least not anymore.

One word: Chupacabra. A horrendous creature that pounces on hapless victims rips out their throats and drinks their blood. Millions across the Americas, including many here in New Mexico, live in fear of the Chupacabra; others scoff and call it a joke, a hoax. How did the Chupacabra story start? And why is it so powerful? Larry took on the mythical creature in February 2011.

It’s a New Mexico mystery that goes back to the 1940s. It was either the most important scientific discovery ever or a preposterous, criminal hoax. And no, it didn’t happen near Roswell. We’re talking about another UFO and other space aliens. See what a 2007 Larry barker investigation uncovered.

In October 2016, Larry learned about a strange search in the Sandia Mountains. Scientists weren’t looking for mountain lions or bark beetles. They were looking for, brace yourself, bigfoot! Did they find signs of the legendary beast? Nope, not a trace. Larry has the story of a fruitless expedition that was well funded, and with your money.

Big stars and famous directors, we’re used to them here in New Mexico now as the TV and movie-making industry has blown up in recent years into a billion-dollar operation in the state. But, you may not realize that filmmaking has a storied past in New Mexico that goes back a hundred years. In July 2009, Larry showed us long-forgotten pieces of that priceless past.

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