ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – What’s expected to be a cornerstone in Albuquerque’s plan to address homelessness, the Gateway Center or the old Gibson Medical Center has been under construction for more than a year. A recent Larry Barker investigation exposed problems with asbestos found inside the facility amid construction.

Detailing the work behind his new investigation, Larry Barker recently spoke about the asbestos construction hazard in a “Behind the Story” interview with KRQE Digital Anchor Chris McKee. Watch the video embedded in this story for the full interview.

Among the topics discussed, Larry shares more on how he began working on the investigation, what’s next for the ongoing OSHA investigations and the responses he received from officials tied to the project. Larry also discusses the feedback he’s heard about the story since it published.

Watch the full conversation in the video player embedded on this page to learn more about the process Larry took in compiling his investigation. For more context about this discussion, view Larry’s complete story on, titled, “Albuquerque’s Gateway Center: The Danger Zone.”

“Behind the Story” is KRQE News 13’s online, exclusive web series, giving viewers a detailed explanation into the work that goes into KRQE News 13’s investigative reports. For more segments on prior Larry Barker investigations, visit the Larry Barker Investigates page here.