Police lapel video often catches the bad, but Albuquerque Police want you to know about the good that often goes unseen.

Albuquerque police officers were caught on video dancing, tossing around the football, and even making Slurpee deliveries 

“Our officers often see the worst in humanity every single day, and they also see the best and they often are the best in humanity,” says Hannah Glasgow. 

These are just a few of the sweet moments captured by APD lapel cameras

“Our city has gotten a bad rep and honestly, rightfully so… So any outreach they can do can help the community,” Sarah Donoghue. 

This week, the department posted a video highlighting some of the random acts of kindness by APD officers. It’s a video they hoped would show the authenticity of officers in the department. 

“We do see these massive critical incidents play out through lapel cameras…I think knowing that those cameras also catch the good side of people, and not always focus on the negative,” Glasgow says. 

Those who live in the metro say it’s a refreshing sight. 

“They’re here to do a job that’s mostly dealing with criminals and people breaking the law, so it’s kind of nice that there are some things going on with the police that’s on the other side too,” says Robert Bloecher. 

Even though these good deeds often go unseen, they always make a difference. 

This is the third year APD has posted an “acts of kindness” video.