ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – She moved in over 135 years ago and word has it she hasn’t left.

It was the early 1880’s when a promise was made by a merchant named Abraham Staab to build a three story brick mansion for his bride, Julia. She quickly returned a promise to her husband when she vowed she would never leave that beautiful home, rumors are she kept that promise.

Today, this mansion is a historic resort located in the heart of Santa Fe, just steps from the Plaza called La Posada de Santa Fe and new restaurant has just opened up named Julia, to honor Mrs. Staab.

Julia, the spirited restaurant and bar, features an local dishes crafted by award winning chef Todd Hall and wide selection of fine wines and spirits to accommodate the cuisine.

Chef Todd Hall joined the KRQE This Morning team to demonstrate some of the dishes being served at the new restaurant, watch above.

Julia is open every evening and also Sundays for breakfast and brunch.

For more information, visit their website.