ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Five years after she was accused of murdering her airman husband, a jury found Amy Herrera not guilty Tuesday afternoon.

The jury deliberated for three hours Tuesday before returning the verdict.

Amy and Marc Herrera were having a party in 2012 for University of New Mexico exchange students, including one they were hosting. Prosecutors said an argument started when a student wouldn’t leave after 3 a.m.

Marc grabbed a gun and yelled at him. Marc and Amy then argued upstairs in their bedroom. Minutes later, a gunshot was heard — Marc was dead on their closet floor.

Amy first said he made her pull the trigger and then said he killed himself.

After his death and after finding out he may have been unfaithful, prosecutors say she also told a friend, “I wish I could kill him again.”

Marc Herrera’s family is content with the verdict, they are just happy this case went to trial.

“I want to thank the jury for their hard work. I know they made the best decision they could. A verdict of ‘not guilty’ does not change the truth and does not change the facts. I know who murdered my son, I know where she did it, I know when she did it, and I know how she did it,” said Marian Herrera, Marc’s mother.

She was originally charged with first-degree murder but was tried for second-degree.

Amy Herrera and her legal team did not want to comment after the verdict.